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Yo, I'm a guy who do pixel art.
Lewd pixel, fanart and game stuff.
All characters depicted in sexually suggestive or explicit artwork from me are above 18 years old.

Drawing legs

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Noscium's News

Posted by Noscium - 1 month ago

Hi, I open few slot of commission, you can see the info there :


Dm me on twitter or here if you're interested.



Posted by Noscium - July 15th, 2020

Hi guys, here's an update about my art. After thinking about it for a while and having doubt, I decided to stop my patron page. It will be only a tip jar if you really want to support me financially, but I wont post anymore exclusive content on it.

For many reasons, I talk about it on my twitter :


I'm not moving onto susbscribestar, I stop founding page.

If I reuse of of my founding page, it would certainly be for a game project, but thats not for now.


Posted by Noscium - June 9th, 2020

Hey guys, I made a pillowfort account, can follow me there If you are willing to use this website as well!



Posted by Noscium - May 24th, 2020

Hi guys, just a some lil news.

I posted my new animation on patreon, so if you want to see it without waiting, you know where to find it.

Another thing, I put other exclusive reards like wip gif process for tier 2+ patrons and the original file of my animation (with layer etc) for tier 3.

If you have some idea of patreon reward which could interest you, please tell me in comment here, I'll try to see if its something doable or not.



Posted by Noscium - May 9th, 2020

Hi guys, I hope you're safe during this virus period!

I make this post in order to announce two thing, my patreon update and what I plan for my art in the future.


I posted my first animation on my patreon page and I also updated my tiers reward. There's lots of change on my patreon, so if you're interest or just curious, consider checking it.


As I said, I posted my first animation there, the uncensored version will be public after 2 weeks.

I'll do my best to make more animated content in order to shortened the wait for those who can't afford joining my patreon. I hope you'll uderstand, animation takes lots of time and I have to do lots of commission aside in order to pay bills and others stuff atm.

Otherwise I want to know your thought about my upload on newground. Is it a problem if I post the censored/non nsfw version here in order to acknowlewge you there's a new piece, or you just prefer me to wait and post the good stuff directly after the public release?


About my art, I'm starting to think stills sprite are boring, both for me and for my follower. They can be cute, beautiful etc, animation will always be more interesting. So I will focus on animation and do more of these. I don't say I'll stop doing still sprite, my comission are stills sprite actually, but otherwise there will be less still sprite than before and more animation.

The problem is animation takes a lot of time so there's high chance I post less stuff.


This post is also a way to say I'm no longer getting nuked on twitter lol.

Thanks you for reading this till the end, I wish you a good day, stay safe and spread peace all around you.

Also, please excuse me for my average english.



Posted by Noscium - December 6th, 2019

Yo, just some news, coz its been a long time since I didnt made a news post.

First of all, thanks for the 1K fan guys! Its nice to see people can enjoy my stuff here. I will continue to post here ofc, there's also few piece I deleted one day, maybe I should repost them here, idk.

But yeah, 1k milestone for dumb pixel, thats really cool, thx for the love guys. =p

Second things, which is a really serious threat actually, I'm one of those "lucky" artist getting harrassed on twitter by fake DMCA claim over pokemon fanart,

There's high chance my account will got banned if it continue at this rythm. Already 3 post got deleted and there's still 17 pokemon related post above these one in my media tab, even with counter claim, it will lots of time needed to unban the account... ngl, it stink.

Unfortunately twitter is the only place where I got commission. Even if my comission are closed atm, this is a bad situaion for me and I dont know how what to planned in order to recover from this.


Posted by Noscium - September 5th, 2019

I made a poll for a next pokemon gil, only 4 choice because twitter is meh, but thats ok I guess.



Posted by Noscium - June 22nd, 2019

Hi, I started to stream since the begining of this month, I use picarto because my stream are Nsfw.

Here's the stream channel


Btw, if you are interested in those stream, I recommand you to follow me on twitter, I usually tweet when I start a stream.




Posted by Noscium - April 22nd, 2019

Hey, if there's a character you prefer to see next in my next work, you can choose here on twitter.


I will post a new piece tomorow btw, ofc it will not be related with the character in that poll tho, its something I started before.


Posted by Noscium - April 17th, 2019

Oh ah yes, Hi guys.

Maybe you noticed, (well I'm sure you noticed, because you know everything guys) I started to do a bunch of pixel art fanart of video game character with aproximatively the same artstyle. 

Well, my goal is to be the very bes.. hmm.. make a cool collection of various character I like. And since I love a lot of character, there's possibility I'll do some poll on twiter with various characters. I'll try to do the full 8 generation pokedex with antrho pokemon too btw, it can be a fun challenge (thats something I already did in the past with the 6th generation).

So if you're interested I'll send you the link here, when I'll do those suggestion poll. They will be found probably in the description of the latest work I'll post or in a blog news like this, idk it will depend. Anyway It will not happen that soon, there's still some characters to do on my priority list (probably etna, pyra/mythra, shantae, some mario princess, ye I know, its bad to tease hehe).

Anyway, my PC start to be shitty, my rythm of production might be damaged by that. Also I wanted to try streaming... well, it wont happen soon... me crying , me so sad.

Also thanks a lot Newground's Staff for the recent frontpaged submission! =o