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Yo, I'm a guy who do pixel art.
Lewd pixel, fanart and game stuff.
All characters depicted in sexually suggestive or explicit artwork from me are above 18 years old.

Drawing legs

Cute Waifu Pixel Highschool

Mute city

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Hi, I'm making a new post update for what I plan to do with my works.

For those who follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed I struggle a lot with art. I love what I'm doing but I have lots of anxiety from it too. I plan to make a Twitter break for a while in order to recover from all the stress that platform give me. Things were really harsh for me lately, thus platform is really an invisible threat.

I feel my art is not totally enjoyable atm, it lacks something which is hard to describe for me, I would say it is too heterogeneous in their rendition. While the subject is relatively the same, naked girls, the stylization is too random and even the fanart franchise are soo random that I feel I loose the interest of many people who discovered me. My art try to attract everyone but at the end not that much are left lol.

So I'm planning to find a style I will really use for good, same for the subject, probably use my OC more and tell story with them, even with my fanart too. So I might post less here for a while too, but I'll make dump post with several art from time to time. I think my skill aren't that bad, all I need is to grow the balls to fully commit what I love in nsfw imagery.

Comission are still available through dm here or on Twitter btw, my comission info will be my pinned tweet.

I wish you a nice end of the years festivities. Thanks you guys for following and liking my art through these years.


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