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Yo, I'm a guy who do pixel art.
Lewd pixel, fanart and game stuff.
All characters depicted in sexually suggestive or explicit artwork from me are above 18 years old.


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I'm getting nuked on twiter

Posted by Noscium - December 6th, 2019

Yo, just some news, coz its been a long time since I didnt made a news post.

First of all, thanks for the 1K fan guys! Its nice to see people can enjoy my stuff here. I will continue to post here ofc, there's also few piece I deleted one day, maybe I should repost them here, idk.

But yeah, 1k milestone for dumb pixel, thats really cool, thx for the love guys. =p

Second things, which is a really serious threat actually, I'm one of those "lucky" artist getting harrassed on twitter by fake DMCA claim over pokemon fanart,

There's high chance my account will got banned if it continue at this rythm. Already 3 post got deleted and there's still 17 pokemon related post above these one in my media tab, even with counter claim, it will lots of time needed to unban the account... ngl, it stink.

Unfortunately twitter is the only place where I got commission. Even if my comission are closed atm, this is a bad situaion for me and I dont know how what to planned in order to recover from this.


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I'd reccomend announcing that youre moving to newgrounds (which is claim-safe,like Diives said.) and start opening commissions here instead.

Already started to do that, unfortunately, NG isnt big as twitter, I will still loose a lot.

Announce your moving to newgrounds and commission info is there.

Already did

Hope you get more success!


@H-Galaxus @Noscium i wouldnt recommend a permanent move to NG,maybe just untill the copystrike shit gets a solution or something.

That's such a shame to hear D: your work is super cute and I can tell how much effort goes into it. I think a year or so back a few posters got hit with the DMCA as well but I haven't heard much about it since. I'm hoping NG gets more popular since other bigger sites that hosted NSFW got nuked so you can get some business from here as well!

Thx for the kind word!